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Great River Exteriors Seamless Gutters


If you want leak-free, built-to-last gutters on your home you need to get seamless. Gutter seams are not only potential leaks, but also create an area where leaves and debris tend to get caught up. With seamless gutters, water and debris can flow smoothly to each downspout reducing the chance of clogs as well as the frequency of gutter-cleaning.

Great River Exteriors stand behind our seamless gutters as the best long-term solution to proper drainage from your roof. Seamless gutters work as good as they look. When we install your gutters, we cut each seamless aluminum or copper length on-site, to the exact specifications of your home. Our installers never take shortcuts because we understand the utmost importance of proper drainage around your home.

Great River Exteriors Roofing Contractor


Is your roof outdated, damaged or just needs replacing? Great River Exteriors understands your roof is the first and most important line of defense in protecting your home. This is why we invest in quality materials and expert installers.

Your roof needs to last many years, with zero maintenance. That’s why our roofing specialists are trained using the latest materials & techniques, to ensure a problem-free roof for decades to come.

Great River Exteriors Siding


Great River Exteriors offers a wide variety of siding products and materials for your home. Your home’s exterior siding not only offers long-lasting durability and efficiency, but also adds value through aesthetics and curb appeal. We offer a complete exterior siding solution, including windows, trim, soffit and fascia. Common siding solutions include:

Vinyl Siding / CertainTeed Siding / Shake Siding / Fiber Cement Siding / Brick & Stone

Did you know?

Many homes in MN and WI built with stucco have begun to absorb moisture. Once moisture penetrates your stucco exterior, major structural components can be penetrated by moisture and begin to deteriorate.
Great River Exteriors Windows Doors


Can you feel the temperature change every time you walk near a door or window? Installation of quality materials can provide increased efficiency, saving you money year-round. Great River Exteriors professionally installs energy efficient windows and doors to secure, update, and enhance your home.

Great River Exteriors Construction


At Great River Exteriors, we’re craftsmen of our trade. It’s our goal to execute your vision of the ideal home. We offer creative, professional, and personalized service to help with your next home addition or remodeling project. Our construction services include:

Additions / Remodels / Patios / Decks / Garages / Pole Barns

Great River Exteriors Storm Damage


We sincerely hope that nothing disastrous happens to your home. Damage to your home caused by severe weather can be devastating. If you have been affected by storm damage, you can relax knowing Great River Exteriors is on your side. We will work with you and your insurance company to repair damage promptly.
We’ll restore your roof, siding and windows damaged by:

Wind / Hail / Trees or branches

We’ll leave your home in better condition than it was before the damage occurred.



We use the safest & most efficient methods to remove snow & ice dams from your home, business, or townhome association.

Prevent ice dams by removing snow from your roofs eaves.

Ice Dams already forming? Our crews use high temperature steam machines to melt away ice dams from your roof.

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